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Erratic rains threaten southern Africa food output

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Rainfall patterns in southern Africa are becoming erratic as climate change takes its toll, threatening long-term production of staple and cash crops in the region.

Countries like South Africa, Zambia and Malawi ha

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Cervical cancer: the route from signs and symptoms to treatment in South Africa.

Abstract: In South Africa, in 2005-06, 100% of primary health care

clinics in South Africa had health professionals trained to conduct Pap

smears, yet the screening rate was only 1.3% and one in 26 women develop

cervical cance

2 weeks ago

Benefits Of Caring For Trees In Your Community

Most people who live in a community do so because of the sense of camaraderie they get from living in close proximity to their neighbors. Taking pride in your community is a big part of this. Whether it be caring for your home and lawn to cleaning read more...

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Tips for Trimming Pine, Apple, and Oak Trees

Tree trimming is necessary to keep the trees healthy. It will also prevent tree branches from straying into the way of power lines. You can also shape trees when you trim them. If you have tree limbs that are dead or broken, you can help to pre read more...

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Centre court: South Africa's Constitutional Court is the highest judicial body in the land. A young practice won the competition to build an icon for

The emblem of the South African Constitutional Court in Johannesburg is a tree with branches spreading over the people it protects. This is representative of the old African custom of settling matters and disputes under the protection of an import read more...

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On Thinking Before Buying

By: Ira Allen

Now that it's November, it's important to go right out this second and buy as many holiday/Christmas gifts as you can and cannot afford. Don't wait for the big Thanksgiving sales. Don't wait for the weekend. Don't even wait read more...